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Central to our design philosophy is respecting and highlighting the innate variations and characteristics of natural materials. We believe these intriguing distinctions make each product unique.




Hardwood - Chestnut, Elm and Walnut

Our non-tropical hardwood materials are responsibly grown and selectively harvested. For select products, we use reclaimed wood from end cuts at our factory to prevent waste and to promote environmental activism.



Classified as rapidly renewable by the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, our patented BambooTimbre™ is made entirely from Moso bamboo which can be harvested in a five year cycle.



LUX™ is a light weight bio composite material made through collaboration between Maria Yee, Inc. and BASF. Based on advanced lightweight technology designed for the European auto industry, LUX is an entirely new material created to bring lightweight strength to home furnishings. LUX features a revolutionary use of natural fiber material that enables innovative and sustainable furniture design. Maria Yee, Inc. is proud to introduce LUX™ to the furniture industry.



Each fabric is matched with the product design to enhance its beauty and functionality. High thread count and double stitching help prevent the cloth from unraveling with natural wear and tear. All fabrics are abrasion and char resistant and are easily spot-cleaned.


Top Grain Vegetable and Mineral Tanned Leather

Our top grain leather has a semi-aniline finish. The vegetable and mineral tanning process makes this leather durable, pleasant to the touch, and gradually softens as patina develops beautifully with use. Possessing a smooth yet natural look - it displays unique character such as wrinkles, healed scars and grain variation.


European Polished Bonded Leather

Our European polished bonded leather is made with a combination of high-end vegetable-tanned and chrome-tanned leather fibers. It is long lasting, has a silky feel, and a classic look.





Water-based Polyurethane Finish

willo san francisco's innovative water-based polyurethane finish technology is unique. Our finishes are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and contain no added formaldehyde, yet provides excellent coverage and protection to wood surfaces. The finish material, when combined with our proprietary application process, creates a high-quality, rich, durable and environmentally sound solution that is exclusive to our brand and the Maria Yee Design Studio.


Tung Tree Oil Finish

Used for centuries in Asia as a wood sealer in traditional woodwork and marine vessels, our proprietary Tung Tree Oil is all natural and extremely environmentally friendly. It is meticulously applied by hand on our solid wood products to produce a durable, golden tint. Unlike many other oil finishes, Tung Tree Oil does not require frequent refinishing and maintenence.